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Citation Logistics is a full service transport company based in Slidell, Louisiana. Here are a few of our specialties:

Flatbed Trucking
Flatbed trucking is a distinct variety of hauling that suits a variety of different loads, from large machinery to construction materials. Although tarps can be used to cover the load, flatbed trucking is generally more compatible with materials and loads that are less weather sensitive. The open bed design of the trailer makes for easier loading and unloading for certain kinds of materials; allowing the use of cranes and other machinery that utilize top loading or side loading techniques. The trailer can be either articulated or rigid and loads are most often secured using either chains or tie-downs.

Heavy Haul
Heavy Haul trucking and freight transport is a class of trucking specifically for hauling oversized or over-weight loads. Often these loads consist of large construction machinery and prefabricated housing, although anything is possible and this particular category of freight transport can see some interesting and unusual hauls. Special permitting is often required for most heavy haul loads, and more extensive planning and logistics are usually necessary to ensure a legal and safe transport.

Van Freight
Van Freight is one of the more common forms of freight transport and is often the first image that comes to mind when someone thinks of trucking. This kind of transport is ideal for materials and shipments that require dry covered shipment and can fit into the conventional footprint of the typical trailer. Dry van transport is the term used to describe un-refridgerated shipments, while refrigerated van transport describes is used for shipping loads that require temperature control.

Hot Shot 
Hot Shot trucking usually refers to less-than-load shipments and smaller than usual trucks hauling time sensitive shipments. This is a lean and mean form of transport used when time is of the essence and airfreight just isn’t an option. One of the more common rigs used for Hot Shot is a 1-ton diesel dually pulling a 40′ gooseneck trailer; with other variations utilizing small or large box trucks. Although Hot Shot typically deals with smaller shipments, any size shipment that needs direct, exclusive transport in the most direct and speedy way possible qualifies as Hot Shot.

Freight Management 
There is a lot more to fright transport than meets the eye. Logistics and planning are a major component of the transport process and when done right it can make all the difference in the world. Managing complex loads, intricate or recurring shipments, and precision timing and routing, our freight management team works to ensure efficient, cost effective, timely deliveries… every time.

Shipment Tracking 
With state of the art tracking and driver communication, we’re able to pinpoint shipments and monitor and relay progress in real-time and with great accuracy – adding peace of mind and ensuring coordinated delivery and first-rate efficiency.

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